Space Empires V Meets Warhammer 40K pt1

A few days of customizing to get the 8 major factions from 40K as factions in Space Empires V, and we are ready to dive into a mash-up of the two games. It’s Space Empires V, with Chaos, Dark Eldar, Eldar, Imperium of Man, Necrons, Orks, Tau and Tyranids.

I’m playing as the Orks! My buddy for the play through is Warboss Gravekraka Mugshredda.

The first part is mostly setting things up and a bit of backstory.

I’m hoping this campaign, with it’s characters, will help me get a new computer. As is explained in the video. Short version is that I’ve got two really old computers, all my work is on them, they could die at any time. Which is a constant source of stress. With a new computer I can not only feel safer about my work, I can also play newer games.

If you enjoy the video and would like to help out, here are some links.

Amazon Computer Wishlist

And, of course, just watching the video, liking and sharing this post with others is a free way you can help. Thanks much, and on with the show!


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